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By monitoring the driver that impacts food costs, inventory management, and working hours, we’ve assisted quick service restaurant (QSR) chains to be more efficient and drive higher margins whilst maintaining great customer service.

Problem Statement

The restaurant food industry can be a high-risk and highly competitive business proposition. In order to stay relevant and keep your finger on the pulse of your business, you need a clear view of your current standing. It is necessary to stay up to date on your popular menu items, regular patrons, employee performance, and your hits and misses, and to develop strategies to speedily combat any issues that may show up.

Key Metrics and KPIs

There is a wide range of factors that can impact the success of a business in the restaurant and food industry. Our winning recipe can help you effortlessly and seamlessly bring together all the moving parts of your restaurant to help you get a view of the bigger picture. We identify key points and create a report suited to your custom needs to assist you in making quick, easy and informed decisions.

Key aspects are among the following:

Inventory Management

Have a clear and accurate idea how to manage your inventory, know your best products and learn how to optimize your menu matrix.

Food Cost Tracking

Keep track of your actual food costs, compare it with your ideal food costs, and find ways to maximize your menu items and meal makeup for optimum profit.

Sales Volume Tracking

Track your sales volume to calculate your average ticket amount per customer and find ways to increase your average spend per customer.

Customer Tracking

Seamless integration of software technologies implemented in your business to keep track of your customers:

  • The % of transactions made up of your loyalty members
  • Defining your existing customers and where they are in the loyalty funnel
  • Creating an active database of customer progress through the loyalty funnel
  • Keeping track of the number of visits a customer pays to the store or QSR
  • Improving your customer retention by analyzing discounts and increasing loyalty members.
Service Time Management

Manage your total service time and improve labor efficiency with adequate and appropriate employee shift scheduling.

Comparative Analysis

Do a rolling comparative analysis to help you get a descriptive view of your business or compare data with a month-to-month and year-to-year analysis.

Food Delivery Tracking

Keep track of your order delivery performance to your customers and find out where your popular delivery areas are and your average TAT.

Clients We Have Worked With

We have assisted several quick service restaurants in getting a clear view of their business, helping them climb the ladder in the competitive, growing market.

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