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The logistics industry plays a key role in the efficiency of the overall supply chain. It is a department that requires a high degree of planning, strategy, and optimal service in order to maintain successful operation.

Problem Statement

There are five key elements of logistics: storage, warehousing and materials handling; packaging and unitization; inventory; transport; and information and control. Managing each of these elements effectively will keep your end user and stakeholders satisfied.

Key Metrics and KPIs

Our knowledge and skills in information and data handling have allowed us the opportunity to assist transportation and supply chain companies in optimizing their performance and giving them control over their operational activities.

In partnership with our clients, we have been able to identify some key components worth monitoring for hassle-free storage, delivery and transportation of your products:

Some of these key performance indicators are listed below:

Real-Time Updates

Track information and real-time updates, allowing for route optimization and complete clarity on delivery notes.

Supply Chain Visibility

Achieve full visibility throughout your supply chain:

  • Optimal manager allocation and access at identified major locations
  • Quality communication and real-time reporting
  • Optimal and efficient scheduling solutions
  • Using GPS to find more efficient routes and tracking time spent at various points
Inventory Control and Visibility

Know what inventory you have on hand and where it is located at any moment:

  • More efficient use of your time
  • Improved predictability of inventory movement
  • Increased security and quality control
Clients We Have Worked With

Our trusted clients in the transportation and supply chain industry have placed their trust in us to help them gain a clear view of their operation so they can make more informed, fact-based decisions.

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