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By understanding risks and opportunities, we assist banks in becoming more efficient in the delivery of their products and services to their clients.

Problem Statement

The era of digitization of financial services and banking has arrived. There is an abundance of benefits in establishing a database holding your institution’s information, be it client data, investments, products and even your employee activity. However, sorting through torrents of unstructured data for useful information is time-consuming. It requires powerful data analytics technology if institutions are to reap the benefits.

We have the data analytics solutions with the potential to transform your asset management, trading, risk management, and other financial services.

Key Metrics and KPIs

Through our extensive experience in the finance sector, we have established successful methodologies in providing your institution with a solution that will benefit you and your clientele, as well as your financial planners, managers and employees.
A few key concepts can resolve a multitude of bottlenecks and provide real-time reports on requested information.

Based on your financial institution’s customized needs, we can assist you in:

Staff Performance Tracking

Track the performance of financial planners, intermediaries and brokers. Get real-time, effortless access to every employee’s:

  • Commission
  • Remuneration
  • Career advancement,
  • improvement management and training
  • Payroll and bonus
Product Performance Tracking

Track the performance of products and investment accounts, helping you keep your clients engaged. Follow portfolios’ performance to maximize the potential and measure the internal rate of return.

Real-Time Reports

Provide real-time reports to financial planners, brokers and managers with no time lag, allowing you to make informed decisions earlier, faster and more efficiently, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Balance Sheets

Create a clear and concise view of your profit and loss balance sheet and enable effortless analysis of your cash flow, net cash flow and distributions.

Asset Summaries

View and access your data easily with summarized assets under management, giving you the opportunity and option to drill down for a more detailed analysis.

Clients We Have Worked With

We have worked hand in hand with teams of well-known financial institutions to provide the best customized solutions for their individual needs.

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