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With a keen understanding of the entire value chain, we ensure Agronomists and growers are more efficient, productive and globally competitive.

Problem Statement

The farming and agri services industry hold endless potential in supporting data-driven decision-making. We are aware of the misconception of agriculture being “data-poor”. Agronomists and growers do in fact have access to an abundance of data. More agricultural data is added daily to a modern farm’s archive than any human operator can be expected to analyze, from new satellite imagery coming every three days and on-farm sensors sending updates 24/7, to application maps piling up on machinery hard drives after every tractor run.

Key Metrics and KPIs

These pools of data are sources of valuable insights and can be a factual basis for on-farm management decisions, such as the efficient and economical application of fertilizer, timing of spraying operations, optimal allocation of workers’ time, efficient delivery of produce, and tracking of pallets and crates. The key is to find a structured way to view and access this influx of data. 

We have assisted our clients in monitoring some of the key metrics affecting their decision-making and the quality delivery of products and services.

Some of the identified metrics are part of the ever-growing list of available data:

Yield and Produce Management

Manage yields by tracking quantity and quality of produce collected and delivered from specified farms and sections.

Transportation Monitoring

Create optimal delivery patterns. Monitor and track the allocation of delivery assets such as crates, pallets, and vehicles.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Help farmers make smarter, more productive and more efficient decisions:

  • Simplify tracing the produce throughout the supply chain
  • Manage retailers, distributors, and other key stakeholders to tailor their product offerings and services according to the agri services market’s needs
  • Monitor commodity prices
Sowing Factors

Monitor sowing factors such as weather conditions, pesticides, and soil quality and nutrients.

Clients We Have Worked With

We aim for intelligent farming and delivery of agri services. We have assisted some big players in the agriculture industry and are highly motivated to continue growing with you and your continued technological advancement.

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