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We are a data and analytics consultancy.

We specialize in consolidating and structuring data into a single trusted source ensuring better insights.

The founding directors Pieter and Douglas met on a data warehouse project in 2007. After years of longing to do things better, they registered a company called dotLogic to provide an alternative, trusted and agile implementation experience for data and analytics projects. In 2015 they merged with the LTS Group to help solve the unique challenges arising from the
growing needs of large data volumes in the pathology laboratory sector.

With our small but dedicated and experienced team we offer solutions to multiple industries and domains. Our vision is to execute and implement data and business intelligence solutions better.


To deliver working solutions faster through an iterative agile approach resulting in our clients getting to a usable outcome with clarity and expedience.

Our Services

Empowering an organization with data analytics requires a highly skilled team delivering a comprehensive set of services.

Our Team

Since opening our doors in 2000, we have evolved and grown our small team to be the best.

We solve problems

Our people have an outstanding ability to synthesize and fully understand the essence of a problem at hand and can articulate and present it concisely to stakeholders.

We have Startup DNA

We are resilient and we get things done, whatever the task at hand. We adapt to change and always expect new things to happen.

We are self-starters

At LTS you can thrive as a self-starter in a dynamic environment with a flat reporting structure. As a typical small start-up type of company, employees contribute their specific skills in a voluntary way. People are not continuously monitored and tasked but are expected to initiate things and take ownership of tasks on their own.

We are responsible

We are considerate of the implications of our work; we really care about what we do and the impact of our contribution. Due to the size of our company, we do not have large teams and corporate hierarchies for approval, individuals take responsibility for their work and deliver quality solutions quickly to clients.


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